Bright Light City: an Elvis novel

Bright Light City cover

Book two of the Elvis trilogy


THE ULTIMATE HOSTILE TAKEOVER A visitor from beyond the solar system is planet shopping. A member of a dying species, he is looking for new real estate to annex. He finds it on planet earth.


"PLANET FOR SALE" A genius at economics, he devises a plan to take over the planet without a single shot being fired. By masterfully manipulating a political and economic climate characterized by relaxed standards and minimal oversight, he surreptitiously succeeds in building a vast financial empire that transcends national boundaries and grows to encompass the balance of the world's vulnerable energy resources. Now he is only a couple of acquisitions away from checkmate in a game that must spell doom for humanity. And at ground zero, the task of preventing the total annihilation of the human species falls to two unlikely people, an entertainer and a recovering vampiress. The entertainer is none other than the King himself, Elvis Presley, who, contrary to common belief, is alive and well and currently living incognito on the Big Island of Hawaii. The vampire is his sultry and mysterious longtime girlfriend, Desdemona. Together they are headed for a showdown with a formidable, soulless menace in the gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas. And the stakes could scarcely be higher. . . .


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