Sleeping Gods


A saga of self-discovery that is equal parts mystery, mystical adventure story, and homage to the sixties . . . .


A young man is released from prison and sets out on a quest to find his biological father, a legendary British rock musician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances from public view years before. He falls in with a plucky band of environmental activists, one of whom is The Dreamer, a singular individual whose destiny it is to weave the broad tapestry of world events. The murder of a prominent developer puts the activists in the crosshairs of the authorities. Trying to trap a powerful and politically connected homicidal psychopath while trying to stay one step ahead of the law, the group uncovers a devious, far-reaching plot to take control of the government. Can they expose the plot before they are caught?


Sleeping Gods is a metaphysical adventure thriller that finds unlikely heroes and dastardly villains on a collision course in a world where reality is inextricably interwoven with the magical and the mythical.


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